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Connect with your InnerTech™ and Transform Your Life.

Speaker and Transformational Coach

I left my role as Worldwide Director of Finance at Apple when I got more interested in developing my InnerTech™ than chasing external success. I was certified as a coach in 2018 and I now focus all of my time helping A-players get off autopilot and create the life they really want. 



Relationships present the most powerful opportunities for growth that we face.  Whether it's deepening a relationship, a death, a divorce, or attracting the love of your life, a relationship transition can be the catalyst to find new depth and meaning in life.  I support you to learn and grow through this transition, coming out stronger, happier, and more fulfilled.


Although you spend most of your waking hours at work, you may not love what you do  What if you were empowered to find or create work you love?  I work with my clients to break through the beliefs and barriers that hold them back, empowering them to transform their work to bring them joy, purpose, and fulfillment.

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Many people try to achieve their health goals through willpower and discipline.  Eating healthier, going to the gym, meditating... these quickly become the things you should do, but you don't want to do.  I support my clients in transforming how they look at their goals, so they feel inspired and committed, working towards them with a sense of accomplishment rather than exhaustion, and creating results that are sustainable long-term.


Most A-players wait until retirement to do what they really want in their life.  That may leave you feeling stuck, waiting for something to change in your environment before you believe you can move forward.  The sense of freedom to operate in the world as you want is life-giving when you have it, and can feel soul-sucking when you don't.  I start with the simple question of what  freedom you would love, then help you build towards that vision.

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"The value of your decisions depends upon the courage you have to make them"

Napolean Hill

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Engage your InnerTech™

You use technology every day to navigate life. When you engage your InnerTech™, you can optimize your life for fulfillment, purpose, and ease. I work with my clients to upgrade their InnerTech™ through the following services.


Small groups of like-minded professionals getting support to achieve their most important goals


Keynotes, webinars, and workshops - both live and virtual - helping groups discover and upgrade their InnerTech™

1:1 Coaching

In-depth personal upgrade of your InnerTech to help you set and achieve personal and professional goals


Trainings for groups and teams in self-leadership and organizational effectiveness